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Classic Manicure  | $18
Revitalizing soak to sanitize and whiten natural nails followed by cuticle work and a complete reshaping of the nails. Treatment is finished with a rejuvenating hand and arm massage with custom essential oils to sooth muscles and joints.
Hot-Oil Spa Manicure  |  $23
Spa manicure in which hands are soaked in our special blend of aromatic oils then placed in heated mittens. Treatment is finished with a rejuvenating hand and arm massage with custom essential oils to soothe muscles and joints.
NC Spa Manicure  |  $28
Spa manicure plus crystalline citric acid and vitamin E exfoliating treatment complemented by a nourishing cream to enhance the sloughing action. A relaxing massage with finishing lotion hydrates and restores elasticity to help reduce the signs of aging.
Aromatherapy Spa Manicure  |  $35
Hot oil spa manicure followed by our lavender sea salt and vitamin E exfoliation treatment to gently exfoliate and polish the skin. Treatment is finished with a custom oil hand and arm massage topped with a hydrating paraffin wax treatment.

Color Gel Lacquer Manicure  |  $35
Color Gel Lacquer is designed specifically for clients with natural nails. As with a standard polish, a nail filer and buffer will be used to gently prepare the nail before the lacquer is applied. A UV cure is used to harden the gel, leaving color and shine that lasts up to two weeks. Color Gel Lacquer is ideal for active lifestyles, or those planning a vacation or special occasion. Gel laquers come in a variety of colors, including French. Add $5 for French tips.


Classic Pedicure  |  $35
Classic spa pedicure enhanced with our hydro-masque and foot treatment cream. Hydro-masque is formulated to draw impurities and moisturize while the treatment cream softens hard calluses and smooths cracked heels.
NC Spa Pedicure  |  $45
Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory sea salt, tree oil, and eucalyptus soak followed by a nail reshaping, cuticle care, and gentle buffing to contour calluses. A sea kelp and aloe sloughing lotion exfoliates soles before an ice cooling gel is applied to revitalize tired feet. Pedicure is finished with a lower leg and foot massage.
Aromatherapy Spa Pedicure  |  $55
Spa pedicure enhanced with our signature lavender sea salt scrub containing vitamin E and sweet almond oil to exfoliate skin and stimulate circulation. A hydromasque is applied to draw out impurities and leave skin moisturized. Pedicure is finished with a hydrating paraffin treatment.
15 minute massage added to any pedicure  | $15
15 minute reflexology massage added to any pedicure  | $30

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Full Set Acrylic  |  Natural Tips - $35
White Tips - $40.00

Plastic tips are added for length followed by a layer of durable acrylic. Nails & Co acrylic nail treatments are known for their natural appearance and outstanding durability.
Sculptured Nails  |  $50
Nail extension achieved through sculpture forms for clients looking for an alternative to plastic tips.
Full Set Pink & White Acrylic  |  $50
Built-in French Manicure achieved by using two colors of acrylic.
Refill Acrylic  |  $25
Rebalancing of your acrylic nails every 10-14 days is important to prevent lifting, breaking, and infection.
Pink & White Refill (Double Fill)  |  $35
Pink Refill Only  |  $25
Gel Gloss As Topcoat | $5


Full Set Nail Wrap  |  $50
A durable and natural looking wrap system using silk, fiberglass, or linen. Our technicians will assist you in selecting the best option.
Full Set Gel  | $50
A great choice for clients sensitive to primers and liquids found in other nail enhancements. One of two techniques will be selected based on your unique needs:
Dip-Gel Powder - Thin overlay to deliver exceptional strength, adhesion, and control.
UV Concept Gel - Liquid gel overlay cured in UV light for thin, natural, and crystal clear nails.
Full Set Pink & White Gel  |  $65
Built-in French Manicure achieved by using two colors of gel.
Refill Nail Wrap or Gel  | $30
Rebalancing of your wrap or gel treatment every 14 days is important to prevent lifting, breaking, and infection.
Pink & White Gel Refill  | $45
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